Services and Licenses available at the Town Clerk's Office include:
  » Registrar of Vital Statistics
  » Document Certification
  » Sporting Licenses
  » Handicapped Parking Permits
  » Voter Registration Forms
  » Dog Licenses
  » Records Management
  » Real Property Tax Collection (111-5/1)
  » Faxes and Photocopies
  » General Information
  » Marriage Officer

The Town Clerk's duties are mandated by Federal, State and Local Law and, in addition to licensing authority, include the following:
  » Attends all Town Board meetings and records the minutes
  » As Records Management Officer, is the legal custodian of the Town Records
  » Is the Administrator of the Freedom of Information Law
  » As Filing Officer of the Town, is responsible for administration and filing of numerous documents, including local laws, oaths of office, resignations, petitions, fiscal reports, burial permits
  » Responsible for publication of legal notices
  » Processes all claims for payment of purchases
  » Collects real property taxes during January through April

Deborah Wengert
Phone: 607-965-8649
Fax: 607-965-9856
Hours: Please check homepage to see hours for 2019.
Will be open different hours during hunting season to accommodate everyone's needs. Please check our webpage for the last information.

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Contact Info

Phone: 607-965-8649

Fax: 607-965-9856

Address: 6011 State Highway 51 Burlington Flats, NY 13315

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